E komo mai, welcome to Kona Raintree Farms!

Kona Raintree Farms has 800 trees that produce high quality coffee through the months of July-December. Our cherries are hand-picked so only the ripest and most favorable beans make it through the pulping and milling stages.
Once the beans have dried into parchment, they are taken a few miles south to be milled and roasted to perfection.

We roast and sell in small batches to ensure that you can savor the freshest roast possibleHot or cold there's always a good reason to brew a fresh cup.   

Located in the Kona Coffee Belt at an elevation of 1,200 feet above sea level we have cooler temperatures than those felt in town below but plenty of sunshine to go around.   The coffee belt is known to be the ideal coffee growing location due to the volcanic soil and weather conditions, so our coffee always carries the
     ~aroma of aloha.~


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